• English

    Vinyasa Yoga


    10:00-11:15 am

    Find your breath as you flow with mindfulness in this vinyasa style class. Compared to a regular vinyasa class, there are longer holds and intentional movement between poses. With challenging poses as well, this class will invigorate your body and heart, setting you up for a good weekend. All levels are welcome as modifications are offered, with medium to high level intensity. Join us for coffee afterwards if you have time.

    Location: Yamate Art Platform (downstairs studio)

    Address: 2-33-2 Yamato-cho Naka-ku, Yokohama (2 min. from Yamate station)

    Class Fee: Drop-in ¥2,500 (¥1,800-2,000 with tickets) Yoga mats available.

  • Bilingual

    Relaxation Yoga


    7:20-8:35 pm

    Let go of your week in this nourishing relaxation class. Starting with a grounding pranayama (breath) practice, the poses that follow focus on deep stretching and releasing,  and then we end with a short guided meditation. Most poses are done seated or on your back, making this class suitable for both beginners and pre-natal students. Last Friday of the month is yin yoga and moon salutation. Instruction is given first in Japanese, then in English.

    Location: Yamate Art Platform (downstairs studio)

    Address: 2-33-2 Yamato-cho Naka-ku, Yokohama (2 min. from Yamate station)

    Class Fee: Drop-in ¥2,500 (¥1,800-2,000 with tickets) Yoga mats available.

  • Japanese

    Power Yoga


    7:20-8:35 pm

    Connect with your inner strength and tap into your potential with this mindful power yoga class. Some poses are challenging, like arm balances or inversions, but the same sequence is taught repeatedly throughout the month, giving you opportunity to observe the change within yourself. This is a high intensity class and recommended for people who have had some exposure to yoga.

    Location: Takenomaru Community Center (upstairs tatami room)

    Address: 133-3 Takenomaru Naka-ku, Yokohama (10 min. walk from Yamate station)

    Class Fee: Drop-in ¥2,000 (¥5,600 for the whole month) Yoga mats available.

  • Japanese

    Park Yoga


    8:00-9:00 am

    Reach up to the sky with the trees. Ground yourself down into the earth. Find freedom in the wind that blows around you and within you. Practicing yoga in the outdoors is an amazing opportunity to feel oneness with not just your self but with Mother Earth. This is an all-levels class and beginners are welcome. Medium intensity. Bring your family and friends, and your furry friend too! 

    Location: Negishi Shinrin Park (see the map for the exact location)

    Address: Negishidai Naka-ku, Yokohama (20 min. walk from Yamate station, 7 min. bus from Negishi)

    Class Fee: Drop-in ¥1,000 

    What to Bringa yoga mat or a large towel, water. 

    The class is offered in Japanese. Please book your spot via the park website (in Japanese) or email me if you need help booking. Attendance limited to 16 people.

  • English or Japanese

    Private Class

    1-2 people

    Perhaps you are new to yoga and want to learn the foundations before joining a class. Or you are an experienced yogi and want to deepen your practice. Private class is a perfect way to find exactly what you need. I can craft a tailor-made class just for you. Some options are: foundations of yoga, alignment and advanced poses, breath and meditation, bilingual yoga, kids yoga. I can host up to two people in my home studio across the street from Negishi Shinrin Park. I can also come to your house if you are within thirty minutes of travel time and at an additional cost.

    Private Lesson Fee:​

    70 minute lesson one person ¥6,000 / two people ¥9,000

    90 minute lesson one person ¥8,000 / two people ¥11,000

    (90 minute recommended for a full yoga experience)

  • Monthly Events



    Yoga Retreat

    Music & Meditation Space: Find relaxation and healing in this monthly event open to everyone. After a simple guided meditation, participants are invited to find a relaxing posture and soak in the music. Much of the music will be inspired on the spot and played impromptu on an acoustic piano or sung. Some of the songs are from the mindfulness Buddhist community Plum Village. Usually hosted at a studio right by Negishi station from 5:00-5:45pm on a Saturday, this event is by donation.

Park Yoga
Saturday morning park yoga (Japanese) is a great way to kick start your weekend!
Negishi Shinrin Park
Neigshi Shinrin Park is one of the biggest parks in central Yokohama area. Doin yoga on the grass here fills you up with prana, life energy.
Yamate Studio Class
The studio is 2 minutes from Yamate station (4 stops from Yokohama). Tucked in from the main road, the quiet, spacious atmosphere helps with focus and relaxation.
Yamate Art Platform
The studio is equipped with yoga mats and props, with no additional rental cost.
Join us for coffee time.
Join us for coffee after the Saturday morning English yoga class. The local coffee roaster/ cafe is a great venue for connecting.
Takenomaru Community Center
A community center 10 minutes away by foot from Yamate station. The tatami room is calming for the evening class.
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