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English yoga, Yokohama yoga, yoga, power yoga, Jade yoga mat

Yoga for body, heart, and mind awareness.

Breathe. Reconnect.

warrior 2, viabadrasana 2, English yoga, Yokohama yoga, yoga, power yoga

Vinyasa Yoga


Yamate Art Platform 

(2 min. from Yamate station)

Saturday 10:15-11:25 am

downward facing dog, power yoga, Yokohama yoga, yoga pose

Power Yoga

Yamate Art Platform 

(2 min. from Yamate station)

1st& 3rd Thursdays:7:20-8:30 pm

relaxation yoga, cobbler's pose, English yoga, Yokohama yoga, yoga, yin yoga, relaxation yoga, meditation

Relaxation & Meditation


Yamate Art Platform 

(2 min. from Yamate station)

2nd & 4th Thursdays:7:20-8:30 pm

tree pose, vrskasana, Negishi Shinrin Park, morning yoga, park yoga

Park Yoga
(Hosted by Yokohama Greenery Foundation)

Negishi Shinrin Park

Saturday 8:00-9:00 am

private yoga lesson, twisted head to knee pose, parvritta janu sirsasana, Yokohama yoga, English yoga

Private Lesson &
Private Prenatal Sessions

At client's home, instructor's home studio, or online

singing bowl, music, meditation, retreat, relaxation

Seasonal Self Care
(Monthly, Bilingual)

Motomachi Nerii Yoga Studio 

3rd Sundays 4:00-5:15pm


Prenatal Group Class

Motomachi Nerii Yoga Studio

(Ishikawa-cho station & Motomachi Chuukagai station)

Mondays 1-2:15 pm


Private Prenatal & Postpartum

at instructor's home 10 min. from Yamate

zoom or at your home (fees apply)


One-day & Overnight Retreats

*Seasonal one-day retreats

(Yokohama Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum)

​*Yearly Onsen Retreat in Yugawara

Stop for a moment and take a deep breath.


What do you feel in your body, heart, and mind?

If you’re looking for a space to help you

come back to this present moment through

physical movement, breath awareness, 

and compassionate observation,

you’ve found your home.

Welcome to Migiwa Yoga Space!


Mami (Power)

Attending Chami's yoga classes has now become my lifework, as I practice yoga as a way to start or reset my week, and to tend to my body and mind that become so busy during that week.

Even when I feel overwhelmed with different feelings, as I spend time to bring awareness to my inner self through yoga, they get cleared one by one. I'm able to create a bit more space in my heart and experience healing and more capacity.

By settling and aligning myself through deep breathing, I am able to make healthy choices in my daily life as well.

I am very lucky to have discovered yoga and to have met Chami ♥️.


Yasmin (Vinyasa)

When Chami guides the meditation, relaxation and breathing practices I feel that my mind and body are finally able to meet at the same place and time, which really helps me to slow down my thoughts and relax. After over a year of yoga practice, it still amazes me how she manages to find a precise balance between both challenging and comforting poses and sequences during the flow practice. I personally find it very ludic and I enjoy being pleasantly surprised by discovering the amazing things my body's able to do if I try some conscious experimentation with it. It has never been so fun and so rewarding to feel sore after a class.

Besides all of that, the classes at Migiwa Yoga Space gave me a whole new community to belong to. I recommend it to anyone seeking to calm their minds, learn to listen to their bodies and improve their overall health while interacting with the finest and kindest people in Yokohama.

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Emi (Relaxation)

When I am doing Yoga, I am able to focus on the movement and flexibility of my body. These Power Yoga and Relaxation Yoga classes that I enjoy are a valuable time in which I can steer attention toward myself during my busy week.


To anyone who seeks relaxation and stability, I recommend Chami’s Yoga lessons highly. Her bilingual instructions are excellent; and the singing bowl and music, with her soothing voice and keyboard playing, are special bonuses!


Devoting time to physical movement and concentration is a gift that one gives oneself toward further self-discovery and fulfillment.

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Erik (Private/English)

I have been learning yoga with Chami both in group and private lessons over the past 3+ years.  Whether challenging me to expand my physical limits or guiding me to immerse myself in the moment, Chami has really helped me learn how to care for myself both physically and mentally.  Her classes are always warm and welcoming, her teaching style easy to understand and encouraging, and her soft singing bringing us out of shavasana to conclude each class is really a moment of bliss.  Regardless of experience level or goals, Chami is an amazing guide for anyone on their yoga journey.  

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